Our Mission


AppointmentCare began with the goal of modernizing appointment management, an aspect of everyday life that can all too easily become a hassle. We decided to build a system that would save businesses time and money while making life easier for their customers. Recognizing the wide range of customers who would need to use the system, we set out to create a service that would be easy enough for anyone to use, with no need to spend time learning. After over two years of usability-focused research and development, we launched AppointmentCare in December 2011.

Our team is committed to helping businesses increase their success by leveraging the power of AppointmentCare. We love hearing stories about how our service is making a difference, and are always looking for suggestions on how to make it even more convenient for you and your customers.

Our Company

AppointmentCare is a product of AppointmentCare, LLC, an innovation-driven software company based in the Baltimore-Washington area. Our talented team of engineers works primarily with small and medium-sized businesses across the country to develop technology that helps them succeed and grow.