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2627 Hanco Center Drive, Woodbridge, Va, 22191

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Payment Policy

Please Read!!

You must pay online prior to making an appointment. If you have not paid online (pricing page of our website), and you make an appointment, your appointment will be cancelled by our staff.

However many lessons you paid for, book that many lessons now! As you will see, our schedule gets filled for a few weeks in advance. So ensure you get all of your lessons scheduled. You can always cancel/reschedule them on your own if needed.

Keep in mind when making appointments, your lessons need to be at least a week apart (it can be more than a week apart, just a minimum of a week is required).

If you make an appointment, it's your responsibility to be on time. We have lessons every hour showing up. If you are late, we will not cut into the next lessons time slot. So it's important to ensure you are early or on time.

Our address is 2627 Hanco Center Drive, Woodbridge, Va, 22191.

Thank you,
OLK9 Staff

Cancellation Policy

*****It is your responsibility to cancel or change your own appointments using this system. You generally have 8-10 weeks to plan ahead for your appointment. If you fail to show up or you fail to cancel AT MINIMUM 8 hours prior to your scheduled start time, your lesson is forfeited****


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