The following are a few steps to customize your account and learn to use AppointmentCare to simplify all of your appointment management needs.

Step 1: Tell Your Customers!

Your customers can begin booking appointments with you immediately on your Business Profile Page. Just tell your customers to go online at


Step 2: Manage Your Calendar

Your Calendar shows your entire schedule in one place: appointments, breaks, shifts, openings, and business hours. The Calendar is color coded for easy viewing:

  • Gray cells are outside the times of the staff member's shift schedule. Customers won't be able to book appointments at these times, but you can still schedule appointments there if you decide to work outside of your shift.
  • White cells are available for new appointment bookings.
  • Yellow cells highlight today's schedule.
  • Appointments appear as Blue events, and breaks appear as Red events.

You can perform any of the following tasks with a click of the mouse:

Book An Appointment

  1. Click on the cell corresponding to the date and time your customer wants.
  2. Select the customer's name from your database. If this is the customer's first appointment in your system, click the Create Customer button.
  3. If desired, customize other options like the duration or service. You can also click the tabs at the bottom of the box to send an SMS confirmation to the customer's cell phone, set the appointment to repeat automatically every so often, or add notes.
  4. Click the Create Appointment button. You're done! An e-mail (and text message, if selected) will be sent to notify your customer.

Note: In Step 3, you'll see how to add services other than Default.  


Add a break to your schedule

  1. Click on the date and start time corresponding to the start of your break. A box will appear.
  2. Select the Break button at the top of the box.
  3. Enter the duration of your break, and click Create Break Period. Customers will not be able to book appointments with you during the break period, but you can always book an appointment during your break, say, if you decide to take a customer during your scheduled lunch time.


Reschedule an appointment

  1. Click the appointment you wish to reschedule.
  2. Update the date and time, and click Update Appointment when finished.

Note: You can also drag-and-drop an appointment to a slot on the Calendar to reschedule it.

Cancel an appointment

  1. Click on the appointment.
  2. Click Cancel Appointment.

Note: By default, your staff member calendars are set up to accept appointments from 09:00AM to 5:00PM on Monday through Friday. To set a different schedule, click Staff, then Staff Listing, then click the pencil icon for the staff member you wish to edit. Finally, select the Weekly Schedule tab.


Step 3: Customize Your Services

You can list all of the services offered by your business so that your customers can select what type of appointments they want when they book online. These services will also be available for selection when you book appointments through your Calendar.

  1. Click Services, then Add New Service.
  2. In the Name box, enter the name of the service you want to add; for example, Haircut. For Duration, enter the expected length of the appointment. Any text you put in the Description box will be shown to users who check out your services online before booking. If you'd like to list a price, you can enter it in the Price box. Otherwise, just leave it blank.
  3. If the appointment will take place over the phone or at the customer's location, change the type from Regular to Phone Appointment or House Call.
  4. Select service providers who will offer the new service by clicking the boxes next to their names.
  5. Click the Creative Service button.


Step 4: Customize your Business Profile Page

The last thing we recommend you do when getting started is to customize your Business Profile Page. This is the information that potential customers will see when they visit

  1. Click Account Settings, then Public Profile
  2. Click Edit Business's Profile
  3. Input any information you wish to share with your customers. Note the Detailed tab on the top right, which will allow you to enter additional information.

Your AppointmentCare system is now ready to help your business run itself!